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Joshua Jay: Methods in Magic - Live in the UK

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Big Blind Media © 2008

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Joshua Jay is truly a phenomenon in magic - host of the Talk About Tricks section of MAGIC Magazine for the last seven years, author of two best-selling trade books (the first published in five languages), star of a series of instructional magic DVDs, Champion at the World Magic Seminar in 1998, TV appearances in no less than eight countries - the list goes on and on...

But for many in the magic community, Joshua Jay's most interesting performance venue is his LECTURE! Over the past three years this New York based (and Ohio raised) worker has toured FIFTY-FOUR countries, allowing him to hone his lecture into one of the most entertaining and informative programs of its kind. In November 2007 Joshua performed this lecture in Lima, Peru. It subsequently won Joshua “International Magician of the Year” from the Association of Latin American Magicians. On this DVD Joshua brings this polished event to the UK for the first time.

At the heart of this two-hour extravaganza is - METHOD. Joshua Jay dissects and examines the numerous methodological approaches you can apply to your magic. And, of course, each approach is demonstrated with a different, original routine. This is a collection of powerful, workable magic, but more importantly, an examination of the thought process of their construction.

HEIGHTENED SENSES - A brilliant (and easy) piece of mentalism that plays for crowds big and small.

THREE COIN VANISH - A squeaky clean three-coin vanish. Simple and visual.

A.C.A.A.P.N. - A selected card appears at a named page number in a closed book.

DISCRETE DISPLACEMENT - it's a force, a control, a switch and MORE!

VEGAS VISIT - Sam The Bellhop meets Six Card Repeat

SPLIT DECISION - Even though two spectators misremember the same card, you find “both” cards and create a most impossible object.


BACK IN TIME (with Jay Sankey) – An in-the-hands Triumph routine that defies the laws of time.

I DREAM OF MINDREADING (with John Lovick) - A card location wrapped in a touching story about doing magic for a blind man.

TOTALLY TRIUMPH - A flourishy way of straightening out a pack of cards…and producing the four Aces.

Whether your interests run to cards, coins, close-up, parlour, stage, mentalism or walkaround - Joshua Jay's lecture will simply MAKE YOUR MAGIC BETTER! Methods In Magic also features an in-depth interview with Joshua Jay, taking in advise on practicing, crazy celebrity encounters, advise for aspiring magicians and some hair raising tales from life on the road.

With Methods in Magic you’ll learn powerful, road tested magic. More importantly, you’ll learn the secrets to truly develop your own material.

"Josh Jay rocks! Great magic, and I loved the intimate insight into the behind the scenes shots while touring with Josh. It feels like watching a real world documentary on topics magicians care about!"
Michael Ammar

"You will see Joshua at his very best! A clever, likeable, and entertaining magician. The tricks are good but the lessons he teaches are even better."
Bill Malone

"In an overflowing sea of magical DVDs, this one stands high above the rest because of its tremendous value, its excellent content and it's just plain fun to watch!"

MagicWeek Comments:

If only all magic DVDs were as good as this one. Big Blind Media have really excelled themselves here, capturing Joshua Jay on his first-ever UK lecture tour. Joshua's easy, natural, un-forced manner is a pleasure to watch; his magic first-class. I picked just one effect to show in the above video clip, but could have used any. This is a truly excellent disc and there's so much on it - not just tricks but the thinking behind the tricks.


For close-up and stand-up performers.


If this doesn't go straight in to your all-time top 10 magic DVD collection I'll give you your money back!


Duncan Trillo - MagicWeek - 17.1.09

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