Carney On Palming DVD

John Carney
Reviewed by MagicWeek

From the rear of the DVDs case:


"Many of the most powerful effects in card magic require the palming of a playing card. Yet nothing else strikes fear in the heart of the uninitiated as much as this prospect. The fear itself is the single greatest obstacle to effective palming. Fear not, for John Carney is acknowledged as one of the finest sleight of hand artists and teachers in the world. In this instructional DVD he gives you practical tips and effective techniques for stealing, concealing and controlling playing cards. This information is indispensable to students of pure and amazing card magic."


True! I wasn't sure what I'd make of this disc initially (back palming's my thing), but here is an in-depth course in the art of palming playing cards that I have to admit was a revelation. To see so many different methods, perfectly explained, perfectly executed, by a real master, back to back, in such detail was a real pleasure.


I was expecting this to be a rather dry and laborious affair, but it is far from it. John Carney's easy style and very personable manner is just perfect for a disc of this nature. No ridiculous hyped up "audience" getting in the way; instead we are treated to a well shot (close-up and medium) in-depth course in palming cards that goes further than the technique alone. It's peppered throughout with tips on timing, misdirection, body stance... the hidden components of a successful magic performance if you like.


This is what's covered:


Palming Fundamentals
Vernon Top Palm
Erdnase Top Palm
Diagonal Palm Shift
Arthur Finley Steal
Vernon Hand Washing
Erdnase Bottom Palm
Small Packet Bottom
The Side Steal
Vernon Flat Palm
Erdnase Colour Change
The Cop
Palming Management


Destined to become the definitive work on palming.


Magic fashions come and go but sleight of hand will last forever. Treat yourself to this disc and master some real magic.




Duncan Trillo, November 2004


Only available from: The current price ($38.00 within the States, $43.00 worldwide, including delivery) works out at about 23.50 to the UK/Europe, so it's excellent value as well.