A selection of DVD releases from Chris Congreave and Gary Jones
Reviewed by Matt Wainwright

Chris Congreave and Gary Jones are two of the busiest magicians in the UK. Pop along to their new website www.workers-corner.co.uk. Top class effects shared on 3 DVDs, there really is way too much to individually review each and every effect, but briefly...

The Pseudo Pickpocket DVD - has some fantastic stuff on it. The basic concept / routine is a killer. It's easy to do and gets your card or details into their wallet. I love the "hit and run" idea discussed in the bonus section. I think the lads mentioned using it at trade shows before, it can be done in about 30 seconds. Again leaving them with your details or the clients details in their wallet (which they may not even discover until later on, make it even stronger!). Also added in the bonus is Gary's take on the Dunbury Delusion - this one is not to be overlooked! A subtle touch, with a sure-fire way of holding your spectators to the end of the trick, no one will be drifting off and cutting this routine short!

Flying Tonight DVD - has so many different routines, from the classic 3 fly stance, to the coins across approach. Gary also tips his coins across routine which uses the pop up move, yes I know, I thought that too "the pop up move done with coins", but really...... you have to see this! It can be done strolling too! He even breaks the move down and makes it so easy. From loading coins on the spectator, to Chris's version involving fire for the last coin, routines using just an extra coin, with shells, expensive gimmicks, right down to just the 4 coins alone! All you need is here, if a coins across / 3 fly is what you are after.

Today I have finally got my hands on the Pocket This DVD, and boy it was worth the wait! There's a lot of stuff here! Gary's 6 cards to pocket kicks the DVD off, and the last cards is a real beauty in this amazing routine! Chris has a great version using just 4 cards, all of which are signed. I think I'll be using this one at the next gig, cheers Chris! Not forgetting Gary's competition winner: repeat cards to pocket. I can't really do the routine justice here, especially after seen this done live. This is class, it will slay laymen and magicians, put the time in and learn this one! Everything is covered even some nice subtle palming tips are thrown in, along with the odd salami :eek: These DVDs really go way beyond all my expectations from the boys. They have been professionally shot, and although not as flashy as some of the MTV style footage we get these days, all have easy to use menus, bonus sections, clear explanations and a few laughs (and slaps) thrown in for good measure. Not forgetting the pure "WORKER'S MATERIAL" they are PACKED SOLID WITH!

Not too long we hope until the next release then Chris and Gary?


For information on these discs and more visit www.workers-corner.co.uk


Matt Wainwright, November 2008