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Reviewed by Daniel Alexander / Frank E Haschka 2007

Close Up Success DVD: The Classic Force with Phil Jay

Having seen Paul Green live, and seen Paul Daniels do it behind his back I thought I had seen the best of the best when it came to the classic force, NOT SO! Phil Jay takes the classic force to a new level with never seen before techniques and applications that blew my mind with their simplicity and fiendishness. There is possibly no stronger, commercial, adaptable sleight with cards than the classic force. There is DEFINITELY no better teacher and practitioner of the classic force than Phil Jay.

I already did the classic force and thought I was quite good at it although had about a 50% hit rate, in other words half the time people would not take the force card, one technique on the DVD that I instantly put into use took that hit rate up to 90%! With literally no practice, the first time I used it I saw results, it is soooo clever, I have never seen this technique before.

Phil mixes the teaching with lots of live footage so you can see it actually happening, rather than all in a studio. He shows lots of different techniques that some you can use instantly, and others you need to practice.

I was so happy with this DVD, 10 out of 10 because the effect is so useable and strong and Phil teaches it BRILLIANTLY.

Daniel Alexander


Now I've seen the Classic Force before. I knew there was a big element of chance involved and the crucial need for a substitute effect in case the force doesn't work. Ok, so I was relatively new to the sport, but logic is logic, and it was clear to me about the risks even though I had a lot to learn. How incredibly WRONG could I have been? With the methods taught on this DVD, the Classic Force becomes frighteningly accurate. My ignorance was addressed yet again after thinking there was no way I could achieve the force with such success, and yet here I am now able to successfully force with rapidly increasing regularity. Phil Jay explains the preparation, reasoning, action and execution of the force clearly and concisely; additionally providing an insight in to his own learning process. And if you think the force has been scripted for camera... I've had the personal pleasure/bewilderment of having the same card forced on me by Phil himself, several times in a row, and once from behind his back! If you want to learn, you really won't be disappointed.

Frank E Haschka


Close Up Success DVD: The Invisible Pass with Chris Dugdale

Many magicians perform the pass badly, clumsily or only with insane misdirection. Chris Dugdale’s handling of the pass is flawless. Flaw-LESS; literally you cannot see it, even when the HD camera filming his fingers is 5 inches away during a straight on shot (at hand level NOT from above). He is someone you want to learn this sleight from, not just because he is so damned good at it, but also because he is an excellent teacher.

I originally learned this move from a book and it was like trying to catch a fly in the millennium dome - it is so elusive. Using this professional DVD its more like catching a tortoise in a phone booth! Chris makes this sleight so achievable for anyone. If you THINK you do the pass well you should probably still buy this DVD!

Daniel Alexander


HOW LONG have I been trying to master the Pass? Too long. But now things have changed. Chris Dugdale's explanation of his execution of this brilliant utility move is excellent. Step by step, easy to follow and apply; inspiring 'practice for permanence'. When the Invisible Pass is demonstrated in advance of the teach, it really does look like trick photography. Amazing to watch, and the benefits of the move are clearly obvious. You think you've seen a well executed Pass before? You won’t see this one...

Frank E Haschka


Sleights DVD

These sleights are so good you could just sit at home and amaze yourself with them! I have honestly never seen a DVD that teaches better colour changes. Watching Chris' one handed top palm as a colour change made me feel like a layperson again, learning it within an hour made me feel like a magician again! If it is visual eye popping real magic you want, this is a DVD you will want!

This is an excellent DVD with some great moves, but I must say it didn’t live up to my expectations. I expected the moves to be hard to learn! They look so visual and angle proof I thought I was going to have to lock myself in a remote cabin for months to learn them! I had most of the moves down within minutes, and at performance standard within hours.

Really happy with this DVD it excels in every way.

Daniel Alexander.



© Daniel Alexander / Frank E Haschka 2007


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