The Flick-Drift with Wayne Fox


Reviewed by Jay Fortune

Great news I thought; a parcel through the door from good old Wayne Fox. Bad news; it was a one-move DVD. I’m of the old school of learning by book, but after watching Wayne explain the Flick-Drift move in detail, I must admit to feeling that this move could only have worked as a DVD. Wayne and I share the occasional pasta, coffee, green-tea and banter when we catch up a few times throughout the year. At our last soirée Wayne made a card appear under his empty hand. I paid the bill. It was like sitting with Jesus.

That’s what he teaches here. From a move he first saw demonstrated by Geoff Ray, who gave his blessing to this DVD from Wayne. It truly does look like the work of the devil. Your hand is clearly shown empty, you turn it over onto the table and a card simply appears. It’s like sitting with Satan.

We first join Wayne sat at his kitchen table, discussing the move in minute detail, its history, the all important timing. Several features including a view from above, and the move itself on a rolling repeat means you can understand the mechanics and technical points of finesse then learn along with the move in real time, without the need to stop, repeat or rewind.

Reverend Fox (aka Wayne Christ) then shows some real performances before a gathering of folk, demonstrating four routines which utilise the Flick-Drift. And by god they’re good. Perhaps this wouldn’t have worked as a book, as the timing is crucial, and easily within the reach of any card worker. And with an over-crowded market of unjustified one-trick DVDs out there, I hope this one gets the attention it deserves. Well worth watching and learning, so that you can get a free lunch next time you’re out with a friend.

Highly recommended.

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© Jay Fortune, September 2010