The Linking Rings: an instructional DVD by Peter Stedman

Reviewed by Jack Stephens 

Hands up all you magicians who have a set of Linking Rings sitting at the bottom of your magic drawer?

Most of you I thought so!

When we start out in magic, the Linking Rings is just the sort of trick we purchase, then get fed up trying to remember all the moves and discard it to the junk heap of unused props.

Enter the cavalry! Peter Stedman, the well known West Country magician, has come to your rescue and produced a DVD entitled A Routine for the Traditional Set of 8 Linking Rings.

It is very well produced, with Peter explaining in a plain and simple way all the moves and handling required to perform this classic of magic.

The studio section, where he has several chapters assigned to the various moves required, is clearly filmed and easy to follow.

A real bonus is that the DVD contains no less than three live clips of Peter performing the exact routine he teaches you, so you can see for yourself the commercial prospects of the Linking Rings effect.

Whether you entertain adults or children you are catered for, and these clips illustrate what a good patter audience participation trick it is.

All complicated moves and subtleties are removed as Peter concentrates on explaining the Linking Rings routine in a simple, easy to follow manner.

The routine is based on the one in the 1947 book on children's magic, Open Sesame, by Tyler and Lewis, published by Goodliffe.

Realistically priced at 10.00 plus 1.00 p&p.
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Jack Stephens, August 2010