The 'Magic Marketing Masterclass' Resource Pack
Module 1: Social Media and Magic with Julia Bramble
Reviewed by Jay Fortune

In October 2012, Mark Leveridge hosted a one-day 'Magic Marketing Masterclass' for magicians to learn more about the business-side of being a magician. Three expert speakers offered seminars, the first for review being Julia Bramble. Julia is the media expert for a large national organisation devoted to helping business move forward by embracing social media platforms such as Linked-In, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

To be a successful performer has always meant having a keen understanding of communicating your product with potential buyers. Whilst there are agents who will work with talented acts, the internet has given a huge advantage for buyers to research talent and engage the most appropriate magician for their event. Having a good grasp of using online media allows the savvy magician to market their product and connect with clients.

Enclosed in this module are three DVDs on which can be seen Julia's full presentation '9 Simple Secrets to Social Media Success', answering questions and talking through each social media platform in detail. The accompanying booklet provides a summary of creating an effective campaign for a magician to implement. Julia shows how there's far more to social media than simply having a profile or account. How you communicate, what and who you choose to engage with will ultimately decide if your online socialising is time well spent, or simply wasted away without producing paying customers.

If you have no prior knowledge of using social media then this module is a great place to learn how it applies to you as a working magician. If you already embrace various platforms, but without producing results are left wondering just why you waste the time online, the DVDs and book will help clear your thinking and revise your online strategy for success. There is a commitment of time when socialising online. Those who choose to ignore it will probably see their paid work gradually diminishing. Those who embrace it using Julia's '9 Simple Secrets to Social Media Success' will find their time and effort well rewarded.

There are many books and courses teaching social media skills. At 99 this resource pack is a good investment, as it is tailored specifically for magicians. Recommended.

The 'Magic Marketing Masterclass' Resource Pack - Module 1: Social Media and Magic with Julia Bramble.

Available from Mark Leveridge Magic. 99 + P&P

Jay Fortune, March 2013