The 'Magic Marketing Masterclass' Resource Pack
Module 2: Marketing Strategy and Communication with Bob Yelland
Reviewed by Jay Fortune

In October 2012, Mark Leveridge hosted a one-day 'Magic Marketing Masterclass' for magicians to learn more about the business-side of being a magician. Three expert speakers offered seminars, the second for review being Bob Yelland. Bob is an amateur magician and for over 25 years he's been the marketing and promotions expert for a major international IT company.

Marketing. There are countless books, websites, courses, speakers... the irony is some of the best speakers are not ones you've necessarily heard of. You'd think if they were that good, then through their marketing one would know about them! In my opinion this crash-course in marketing for magicians is one of the most succinct ones I've read / watched (and I've read / seen many). Bob condenses 25 years of knowledge into an effective strategy for an aspiring magician to implement.

The package consists of two books and 3 DVDs. The first book 'Strategic Marketing for Magicians - A framework for generating new business' (2012 edition) is spiral bound, A4 and runs to 57 pages. In this book Bob applies techniques used by larger companies and distills them for the smaller self-employed magician. Through creating a clear marketing strategy the magician who undertakes to devote as much time to the marketing of their magic as they do to the performance of it, will find an experienced hand guiding the way. From the very basics of defining marketing, through to prospecting for new business.

The second book ''Marketing Communications for Magicians - How to create persuasive campaigns' (2012 edition) same format, 84 pages covers in detail how to devise an effective campaign to use within your marketing strategy.

The three DVDs capture Bob's full presentation from the day.

I have purposely kept the above short and to the point. Simplicity is key in effective communication (Thanks Bob!) I had intended to delve further into the content of this set but in all honesty I think I can sum it up by saying if you need further convincing on whether to invest in this module on how to get paid work in the current market from your magic, then perhaps it's not for you. There's no magic pill here. Hard work, study and action are required and only the individual can implement these techniques and ideas for their business. Reading the books, watching the DVDs are only the beginning (the easy part) of the process. Turning it into effective action is where you'll benefit from investing in this module. And the good news is that statistically most people won't bother taking action; great for you if your competition is like that!

The 'Magic Marketing Masterclass' Resource Pack - Module  2: Marketing Strategy and Communication with Bob Yelland. 99. Available from Mark Leveridge Magic. Very highly recommended.

Jay Fortune, April 2013