The 'Magic Marketing Masterclass' Resource Pack
Module 3: Increasing Show Conversions with Mark Leveridge
Reviewed by Jay Fortune

In October 2012, Mark Leveridge hosted a one-day 'Magic Marketing Masterclass' for magicians to learn more about the business-side of being a magician. Three expert speakers offered seminars, this final review covering Mark's simple yet highly effective ploy to substantially increase your show enquiry rate to paid bookings.

It's difficult to review this module without giving the game away; which is only fair to those that invest in purchasing this as it's such a simple idea that Mark utilises, but it has dramatic conversion results. Those that choose to buy this module will not be disappointed if they put the necessary effort into the strategy which Mark covers in detail. In a nutshell, it offers a marketing idea which personifies how you deal with your enquiries, turning a high percentage into paid bookings. It does not involve special deals, discounted fees or other usual marketing practices. An interesting point to note is that Mark has used this technique during the recession and still seen a dramatic increase in his own show conversion rate from enquiry to paid booking. Your receive an A4 booklet, a CD, plus 2 DVDs covering Mark's presentation from the day itself. When I received this package I was surprised how simple the technique was and could see how effective it would be for the performer who works to elicit their own enquiries. It reminded me of a Tenyo trick; you slap your head at how simple but clever the method is!

Simple, effective and highly recommended for those wishing to engage potential bookers and who have the will and effort to implement an integrated approach to their promotion.

The 'Magic Marketing Masterclass' Resource Pack - Module  3: Increasing Show Conversions with Mark Leveridge. 99. Available from Mark Leveridge Magic.

Jay Fortune, May 2013