Martin Sanderson: The Business

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Reviewed by Gary Young

This is Martin's follow up to his highly successful 'Corporate Close-up' DVD. I am sure this will be another best seller. It is a fantastic disc.

The DVD has two sections, the first features several effects for the corporate performer. The first effect is called 'It's a Steal' This is an ideal snappy instant flashy opener that gets their attention straight away - excellent.

The next effect is my favourite - 'Boxing' This really is a killer effect. A prediction is seen to be written on the back of a playing card box, a card is selected. The prediction is wrong - with no moves the prediction transforms into the selected card. This is a stunning real world routine - brilliant! I put this in my repertoire straight away.

'Simplex Signed Card in Envelope' - the title says it all, but the method is incredible and ideal for corporate work - the effect has a sensational impact. Martin also shows a further routine for getting a borrowed ring in an envelope as well - again highly commercial.

'Trade Show SF7' This effect will make you money especially if you do tradeshow work. I think that says it all - superb.


Also explained is an impromptu Chop Cup routine, 'Simplex Aces to Pockets', and some funny gags.

Moving onto the second section - 'The Business' Well here you will find some real world secrets that will make you money in the corporate world, and teach you how to perform at company functions. Topics include 'Getting the attention of everyone in seconds', 'Table management', 'Reception management', some techniques for using business cards, and also the real secrets on making sure you get that corporate booking on the phone. This alone is worth the price of the DVD.

The quality is excellent as you would expect from


All in all a superb DVD that you will watch again and again, and actually learn from.

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Gary Young, May 2006