Menu of Miracles Two DVD set

James Prince
Reviewed by Jack Stephens

What’s cookin’ in the world of new magic DVDs? Menu of Miracles by James Prince- that is what!

James Prince is a very experienced close-up magic, specialising in restaurant entertainment.

With a glut of DVDs on the market covering every aspect of close-up magic, how refreshing it is to find one that “opens the door” to the unique world of entertaining in restaurants. There has been very little written or produced about this style of performing and James has taken the challenge head on to impart his vast knowledge on this subject with his fellow magicians.

As we have now come to expect from Russ Stevens, this is a superbly filmed and produced set of DVDs (2) and James comes across as a very knowledgeable performer. He does nothing blue or outrageous, and has an easygoing manner. He is well spoken too and this makes for such pleasant viewing (when one watches some of the more boisterous magicians trying to impart their knowledge, well, you know how grating that can be!)

James gives solid advice on how to get restaurant work, how to approach tables and tips etc. His views are really food for thought (no pun intended!). What about the tricks?

I can expect to see a mad rush in the sale of Kiwi fruit, a la Delia Smith style. James gives the full routine and workings to his signature Note in Kiwi Fruit trick and this is simply stunning. It has to been seen to be believed. It has to be PERFORMED to be believed, as this is stunning, visual magic that is as good as it gets. Mind you, his Ring in Pepper-Pot is equally strong. These two items are reputation makers. Mix in a few extra ingredients such as cards to pocket, mirror cards, anniversary waltz, cups and balls and repeat travellers you have a host of totally stunning close-up magic, suitable for entertaining in restaurants.

If you are new to this line of work this compilation will show you the way forward. If you are an experienced close-up magician, looking to break into this lucrative field, look no further than Menu of Miracles by James Prince.


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© Jack Stephens, August 2008