Menu of Miracles The Main Course

James Prince
Reviewed by Jack Stephens

Typical. You wait for one brilliant bullet hole in card trick then three come along at all once

Following on the from the success of Menu of Miracles Volume 1 and 2 comes The Main Course, the third in the series, and titled The Main Course. And it is a main course worth savouring, believe you me.

Once again James Prince shares his pet routines with us, in his friendly and affable way. He takes you step by step through a host of new material, first showing the performance in a real live restaurant situation (no stooges here) and then explaining them in his inimitable style. James is not only a top rate performer, but you can see he is a very educated magician and he politely pays homage to all those who came before him and who in effect enabled him to perfect their routines. Now they are strictly his own.

There is so much good material on this DVD and all of it is very practical and commercial. James says on the DVD that he hopes the viewer will not watch him action and then stick the DVD in the magic cupboard. You won’t - you will use these routines.

James illustrates a wonderful cards across which seems impossible to fathom out until he shows you how easy it is. The same with Coin Kebab. How could a coin become impaled on a skewer? With James’s explanation- easily.

For those of you who were totally spellbound by his Pepper Pot trick in the first series, be prepared for an equally amazing, and much cuter, similar style trick called Ready Teddy Go. This is a type of flying coin trick, but impossible to fathom - until you discover the easy workings.

And when you see the reaction of the spectator when he discovers his girlfriend’s ring attached to the teddy bear key ring, you will realise what the beauty of live magic is all about. That one moment on the DVD is priceless. Oh, and for the earlier viewers, there is a further adaption of the original Pepper Pot trick.

Bleached Deck is a stunning nudist deck type routine, only a lot better.

A lovely trick with little read mini baseballs is an advanced version of the Two In The Hand One In The Pocket routine with a strong ending.

James furthermore discusses some uses of the Jennings Wallet and also gives practical advice on the world of restaurant entertainment.

This DVD is an absolute must for any magician who performs restaurant magic.

Oh yes - not forgetting the three, yes not one, not two, but three, versions of the Bullet Concept.


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© Jack Stephens, June 2009