The Classic Magic of Michael Vincent

Volume 4: The Quest for Mastery

Michael Vincent
Reviewed by John Carey

In this latest collection, Michael continues to share his passion for magic with a wonderful series of effects performed and explained. The highlight for me was the stand up show. A beautiful mixture of classical effects all given the Vincent treatment. My two favourite pieces from the DVDs are the Conus Aces and the Vincent revelation, where Michael puts his stamp on a classic Larry Jenning's routine. The Conus Aces routine is like a little act in itself, with some delightful moments and very strong magic. Seeing Michael getting every ounce of effect and drama from his work is inspiring.

There is truly something for everyone on this collection. The detail Michael goes into during the explanations is amazing. Every nuance is covered. Not just the hows but the so important whys.

I highly recommend this collection to everyone who loves strong magic.

John Carey, December 2012