Mind 2 Mind - Direct Mind Reading Effects

Marc Paul

Produced by Come On Productions 2003
Reviewed by MagicWeek

"Have you ever felt like you’ve been cheated?" quipped Johnny Rotten 25 years ago as he knelt on stage in front of a packed audience on the last night of the Sex Pistol's ill-fated 1978 American tour. Words that have since run through many a magician's head after a misjudged magic purchase I am sure!


Well not this time.

I've just finished watching a pre-release version of Mind 2 Mind and instead of getting bored and clicking 'skip' to see what's next (as can happen with 'magic' DVDs) I found myself clicking 'repeat'. Marc Paul really has come up with an excellent collection of routines here - and they're all 100% practical. Marc presents a series of effects that will allow you to read minds, as he puts it, "anytime, anyplace, anywhere." The material is divided between items that can be performed on the spur of the moment, through to routines that could play to large theatre/cabaret/cruise ship type audiences.


Contents: AAA Book Test, Giant Card Mind Reading, A Coin in the Hand, The AAA Wallet idea, AAA Mind Reading, AAA Metal Bending, The £85 Question, Direct Thought Projection, Everyone Think of a Card, Pick a Person, Any Person, The Human pack of Cards, So you can read minds? Prove it!, Now let me read your mind at home (Performance and Explanations)


Apart from a line during Marc's Coin in the Hand routine (which kind of gave the game away and should have been reshot to be frank) this DVD really flows. Marc's easy style always works well and his explanations are clear and direct (no waffle). The camera work and editing are spot on, as is the overall usability of the disc. Anyone who saw Marc's excellent guest performance on the Parkinson Christmas Show last year will appreciate his attention to detail and his ability to construct powerful routines. This disc is packed choc-a-block with them.


Five years ago when I decided to launch a series of MindMagic seminars Marc Paul was first on my list of lecturers to book - after seeing this disc you'll know why. Really excellent.

© Duncan Trillo, November 2003


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