Money From Magic Training Course with Tony Strange
Reviewed by Jack Stephens

Close up magic is a very intimate and personal form of magic which has become a very popular form of entertainment. Restaurants, banquets, balls, weddings and corporate dinners often feature a magician moving from table to table or group to group, amazing and amusing all the guests.
How does any budding magician get to become a good close up magician? That is the million dollar question, as it is very hard to break into with little or no experience.

Welcome Tony Strange!

Tony is a professional magician who has been entertaining with his close up magic for the last 25 years. For him, starting out and having the desire to be a close up magician was very frustrating as there were very few books on the subject (remember dear reader, this is long before the advent of the internet and DVDs. Young magicians – can you imagine that?!)

Tony read whatever books on the subject of magic he could get hold of at his local library, and then hit the rocky road of live performing. Now, all these years later, you can learn from his experience because Tony has launched a tutorial that actually teaches you how to become a close up magician. It is not just ‘another’ DVD of tricks, it is an actual lesson on how to perform a full close up routine, and he covers all aspects of the art from how to start out, what is needed, how to set your act, approach a table, what to say and do at that table and so much more. No stone is left unturned as Tony also covers the business aspect of a close up magician, advising you how to promote yourself, how to deal with agents, how to deal with hecklers, what patter to use.

There are live clips of each trick to enable you to see the strength of the magic in a real life situation. Watch and enjoy the spectators warming to Tony’s strong personality. These are then followed by a step by step, well filmed and easy to follow studio explanation, showing you precisely how to perform each effect.

This double DVD course and booklet will save you years of trial and error. Tony has done that for you….you will learn from his mistakes, and he himself admits that he has made many. You won’t, after following his advice…

Everything is here – card tricks, coin tricks, rubber band magic, tricks with business cards….all you need to know to be a close up magician.

The set comes complete, enabling you to start watching and learning from the outset. You receive a double DVD pack, a booklet and all the props that are featured on the DVD, all housed in an attractive aluminium briefcase.

Available from at the price of £325.00!

© Jack Stephens, November 2011