Paul Gordonís Card Rarities DVD
Reviewed by Quentin Reynolds

At the Blackpool convention Paul Gordon showed me a card trick and I was impressed and that doesnít happen too often with me and card tricks. What I liked about it was that a lot happens in a short space of time with a hit them in the face surprise climax that will leave them stunned. In addition to that it is perfect for strolling and table hopping. Itís visual and instantly reset.

The effect starts off by showing your collection of nine Aces of Spades, all with cherry coloured backs which are mixed face up and face down, sorting themselves out a la Oil and Water. With some witty patter this can be a fun sequence. Just when they think you are finished comes the completely unexpected climax. It turns out you have a full house of Spades and the other four cards have different coloured backs.

This routine called Royal Flush Scam is based upon John Bannonís ďThe Royal ScamĒ, which in turn was inspired by Roy Waltonís ďCascadeĒ. It is released with the permission of John Bannon.

Technically you have a Hamman and a couple of Elmsley Counts. Thatís it. You might like to check out Tommy Wonderís ďTamed CardĒ routine for a couple of handling ideas on the Hamman Count (hint Ė his books and DVDs). The trick is instantly reset and while you need a special set of cards, which you might be able to put together yourself, they are available from Paul Gordon or from John Bannon. Paul points out that the ending can be customized for Trade Shows or special events. The cards can be left in the spectatorís hands as there are no gimmicked cards involved and nothing to be added or stolen. If performing strolling you will find your spectators have a drink in one hand. Rather than have someone else hold their drink, use two spectators, each holding a drink, and place the cards on their free hands. Even though the routine is fast paced, that will ensure they canít fiddle with the cards before you reveal the climax.

So what else is on the DVD? There is an excerpt from Paulís lecture showing a medley of six card routines, then he shows and explains thirteen tricks. Of these I liked best the Bed-Sit Mystery, a fun story about the late-night adventures of two guys and four girls, which lends itself to a raucous presentation if you wish. If you like impromptu poker routines, then check out Head To Head Poker which also appeared in Harry Lorayneís Best Of Friends Vol 3. Paulís promo video is included and you see short snippets of the enviable reactions he gets from laymen.

I predict The Royal Flush Scam will find its way into the working repertoires of professional close-up workers. £17 or £23 with special cards


© Quentin Reynolds, May 2010