Perfect 10 - 10 Easy to Learn Card Magic 'Miracles' by Martin Peirce
Reviewed by Jack Stephens

How often do you as a close-up magician, mid-performance, get a request from one of your spectators - ‘let me show you a trick’? You hand over your pack of cards and then they show you a trick, and it is always the Three Burglars or the 21 Card Trick. This is a pity really, as there are many very good self-working card tricks available.

Martin Peirce has released one such collection, in a brand new DVD. Martin explains some wonderful card tricks, all requiring no sleight of hand. Of course, a bit of practice and presentation is needed, but all these routines are real foolers. Most use a standard deck of cards, with one requiring a special deck (well worth it for the lovely result achieved), one a set of ESP cards, and one a gimmicked card, again well worth it for the novelty effect created. There is one item called FIVE which involves five (yep!) spectators, which will truly fool your fellow magicians. In fact, there is a second item titled FOUR SEEN which too could win you accolades at your local magic club. The thinking behind these two tricks is truly diabolical. Imagine asking five spectators to each think of a card. Read that again – think of a card – not name it – and you reveal it. This is what occurs in FIVE. These are gems indeed. Also included is a very good stacked deck item called MEMORY TEST and an ESP routine called PERFECT SENSE. 54321 is a wonderful routine that you will adapt, using coins, banknotes, jewellery etc. A great Just Chance effect can easily be created from this item.

What appeals very much is the no nonsense camera work. So many newly released DVDs seem to be filled with fancy graphics, when all you want to do is watch and learn the magic. From the off, Martin gets straight to the magic without any waffle whatsoever. Watch and Learn seems to be the motto here. Clearly filmed, with simple step by step instructions, and all at an unbelievable value price.

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© Jack Stephens, August 2013