School of Busking 3 DVD set

Reviewed by Don Driver

First off let me start by talking about Mario Morris since he started busking several years back. This guy "got it" fast and to see how far he has gone proves he's top notch in the busking field. Gazzo doesn't latch on to losers that's for sure.

I just got finished watching all 3 DVDs ...WOW!

In the first two discs Mario covers EVERYTHING, from hat lines to what you should wear busking. There are so many minute details he covers. Things no person would think about unless they have been "in the trenches" for a long time and lived though all the things that you never expected could and would happen. If you intend to go out busking take notes from Mario as his experience will save you a LOT of grief down the road.

Mario has a wonderful way of explaining things. He comes across as a person that has been there and done that. He is very easy to understand and it all makes sense. It's like getting hit in the head with a brick. You'll say to yourself over and over watching Mario "Why didn't I think of that"

Than we get to DVD 3... GAZZO! What can I say about Gazzo that hasn't already been said. He's a genius at what he does. In disc 3 Gazzo covers crowd control and how to build your crowd so you can make the most hat money. This disc alone is well worth the price of the 3 DVD set. Gazzo is a master at crowd control. His many many years in the streets shows.

Pitching and busking cross a lot of the same lines. I learned from this DVD set and I've been pitching for over 30 years as some of you know.

If you want to go out busking and are not sure where to start you NEED this DVD set. If you are thinking about going out busking you NEED this DVD set. If you have been busking for years you need this DVD set.

My hat is off to both Mario and Gazzo, this is a great busking DVD tool for learning the ropes of the streets. Order yours today at Not tomorrow TODAY!

Don Driver, October 2009