Stealing the Show - The Ultimate Pickpocket Guide

James Freedman

Produced by 2003
Reviewed by MagicWeek

'Stealing the Show - The Ultimate Pickpocket Guide' could equally have been called 'Stealing the Show - The Complete Pickpocket Guide' because that's really what it is. A very complete guide to the art of picking pockets, using live footage from both professional 'walk around' gigs and stage shows, interspersed with instructional studio footage that then explains the inner workings of what you've just seen.


James Freedman covers just about every conceivable pickpocketing 'move' from the classic removal of a wrist watch (no matter what the strap) to the techniques that are employed to literally steal anything from anyone.


The disc is broken down into many sections such as 'How to practice' 'Where to put the things you steal' 'The Methods' and so on. Then each section goes into great detail - nothing has been left out. From "what finger does what" during the removal of a specific object from a spectators pocket, to how to create the misdirection necessary to remove a spectators pair of glasses, while they are still wearing them!


It'll take you past the "I don't understand how they do it" to the "now I can do it" point and in the process you'll develop a real understanding for the thinking, logic, cunning, misdirection, nerve and ease that goes into making a successful pickpocketing routine.


Finally, it's all very watchable. James Freedman's presentation has real pace - it would be a pleasure to study pickpocketing with this disc. It also represents excellent value for money.


This is a contemporary, and very complete, course in pickpocketing from a master pickpocket - you will be absolutely delighted with it (and I've only scratched the surface of its contents here).


Unreservedly recommended.

Duncan Trillo, November 2003


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