The Unusual Suspect DVD

Matthew Wright
Reviewed by Matt Wainwright

Firstly this is such a "workers" DVD, every effect can be winner for the working performer. No pipe dreams! as Mark Elsdon says in the introduction...

Calzaghe's Opener is a great opening card effect that will have your audiences excited and interested for whatever else you have to show them. Matthew uses a great running "catchphrase" which helps build to the great climax. There are also some great tips in the explanation part of the DVD, where Matthew even tips how to use moments during the effect to bring more traffic to your website, and even how to personalize this for trade show giveaways!


Final Destination is the part of Matthew's award winning act that got everybody talking!

If you want a Three Fly with great patter (again!), and a solution to the last coin that will keep them talking for months, then this is for you!

Mental Mullica uses a gaff very subtlety and no forces, along with some more great presentation and routining. Use this to win some money, or just blow them out of the water! They will really think that you can predict the future after you numb their brains with this one... Now go and get that Mullica Wallet out of the drawer!

Mint is a great take on Derren's effect, and seeing that no one smokes indoors these days, I am sure this is the effect that many professional close up workers will be adding to their repertoires. Using just a thought of card with a revelation and appearance of a card in a mint packet that's been in full view the whole time. More fantastic thinking and routing from Matthew!

Mullica's Nightmare is a great way to present the classic ambitious card. But it's more than just that, no real new moves but the running patter / gag will fry them at the end. Another excellent magician, Gary Jones performs the ambitious card with a similar idea of the card being "out of control" on its own and not controlled by the magician. Gary's routining is amazing and slays laymen all the time, and Matthew's routine will do just the same. So much more than "if I click my fingers the card jumps to the top"


The Big Finish Card Trick has helped me along massively with my multiple selection routine. I have been trying to get a routine down for 6-7 selections for a while now. Matthew has a nice way of controlling the selections, and also some great revelations which flow together so well. Its almost a shame when the last card is revealed from his mouth (great face by the way!!) as I just wanted to watch more and more...

I have already been using some ideas from Super Charged Classics Vol 2 by Mark James to start me off.

So now, with Matthew's routine and a few of my own ideas I think I'm there at last! Of course, you can do just a Matthew does to reveal 10 selections and you will be sure to get everyone involved and blown away!

The thing that I noticed during this DVD, is that Matthew has such a great and natural way of engaging the spectators, amusing them with some nice one liners and gags, then completely flooring them with such strong magic!.

At the beginning of this review I mentioned this being a "workers" DVD. This term has been tagged to a few DVD's on the market but I guarantee that there will be something for everyone here, with many working professionals adding these effects and presentations to their repertoires instantly. Matthew goes into so much more than just explaining the effects. He constantly shares little subtleties, tips, gags and points that you can use to really raise these effects to the maximum.

Live performances expertly shot and edited by Russ Stevens make it a pleasure to watch even without the explanations!!

I can't recommend the DVD highly enough.

Thank you Matthew for sharing this with the magic world, and please don't make it your last offering!

Matt Wainwright, January 2010