Two new DVD releases from World Magic Shop
Attack of the Bag by Craig Petty
Flipped Out by Craig Petty
Reviewed by Gary Jones

World Magic Shop have some excellent new effects/DVD's which are being released for the Blackpool Convention, including a couple of great DVD's from Craig Petty and of course the much awaited coin bending effect, Coinvexed, by David Penn.

I was lucky enough to be sent the two new DVD's by Craig Petty, I had heard some great things about Craig's coin work and after watching these DVD's I wasn't disappointed.

The first DVD, Attack of the Bag, is a DVD based on coin effects which use a small but very clever mesh type bag. I myself have worked on effects using this bag so I was really looking forward to this DVD.

The first effect on the DVD called Chop Bag, is exactly that, a chop cup type routine but using coins rather than a cup and ball. This routine is a worker, easy to do and with an excellent jumbo coin final. Craig uses a great utility move throughout this routine (it's used throughout the DVD) it's not only very deceptive it also overcomes the main problem in this type of routine. Excellent magic.

Piggy Bank....This is a wonderful three coin production, almost like a mini Misers Dream, this would be an excellent lead in to any coins across routine but is strong enough to stand on its own.

Coins in Cartoon Motion.........This is my favourite routine on the DVD, I myself have a similar type routine but Craig has really expanded on this and the result is an awesome piece of magic. This is one of the cleanest three coin vanish and productions you could imagine yet very easy to do. In this routine Craig begins by showing three coins in the bag, the coins are now tipped out and Craig then proceeds to do very clean vanish of each coin, the coins are then produced one at the time on top of the bag. Once again the very cleanly coins vanish only this time the first coin is found on top of the bag, the second under the bag and the last one actually inside the bag. This is just brilliant visual coin magic and Craig's handling is excellent.

Recorded Delivery...........This is a copper/silver type effect but using signed coins, most of the work is done by the bag so you can really concentrate on your presentation. In this routine Craig makes great use of the spectators hand, this is the strongest point about this routine.

Strange Exchange...........If you want an easy to do four coins across routine then Strange Exchange fits the bill. With the DVD you get supplied with two bags and this routine uses them both. Four coins travel from one bag to the other but once again the bags do most of the work for you.

Wild Thing...............Craig has taken Peter Kane's Wild Card plot and has come up with probably the easiest version of this using coins. Three £2 coins change one at the time into silver half dollars and are dropped into a coffee mug, the coins are then tipped back out again and instantly change back to £2 coins. This would be a great routine to change base metal into gold.

Money in the Bag..................This is another strolling magicians dream effect, three coins jump from Craig's hand back into the empty bag, one coin jumps from the bag to Craig's hand, then the next coin, this coin now penetrates back into the bag and out again finally all three coins end up in the spectators hand, brilliant routining.

Scofield Coins..................Based on the hit TV program Prison Break, a visual and stunning effect where three coins vanish one at the time from your hands and appear inside an empty bag, the last coin makes its appearance visually.

Multiple Selections......................You have a spectator choose an imaginary coin from a selection of four, they name their choice, you now turn over a bag which has been on show at all times and inside is one coin, you've guessed it, the coin matches their selection. You now tell them that on the other side of the coin is an ESP design, they choose any one (no force) you tip the coin from the bag and on the other side is the chosen design, it doesn't get any better than this.

To sum up, Craig is a wonderful and very skillful performer and has excellent coin handling skills, most of these routines will work in the real world and the production of this DVD is top notch, you don't just get one bag, you're supplied with two bags. Craig and the guys at World Magic Shop have also remade these bags so they work like a dream and have added a great colour coded teaching aid to make everything easy to follow. Now for the best part, you get both bags, Craig's excellent teaching DVD all for around the £15 mark. One of the best deals in magic at the moment.

The next DVD from Craig and World Magic Shop is called Flipped Out, this DVD is devoted to the wonderful gimmicked flipper coin.

Cartoon Coin....................Craig's take on David Roth's Portable Hole, the combination of the flipper coin and Craig's excellent routining leads itself to some wonderful and visual vanishes. Craig developed this routine so he could use this in his restaurant work.

Flipping Wild...................A quick and very magical wild coin effect. Craig openly removes two silver half dollars from a purse, tosses them into his other hand and one changes into a £2 coin which is placed onto the table (or a spectators hand) The second half dollar is visibly changed into another £2 coin, both coins can be examined. Clean, visual and easy to do, great little routine.

Empowerment..................This is just AWESOME, how about doing a coins across but into a spectators hand, now how about doing a coins across routine where you stand back and the coins go from one spectators hand into another spectators hand, yes you read that right, the coins go from one spectator to another. This routine has to be the ultimate in coins across routines, this alone is worth more to a worker than any other coins across routines out there.

WTF.................A very visual coins through table routine with a surprise "jump back" climax. The use of the flipper coin in this type routine is just perfect, you drop four coins onto the centre of the table and when they land you just see three, one coin has visibly passed through the table, this is repeated until you get to the last coin, just when you think you know what will happen the coins coins pass back up through the table to join the last one, visual and extremely baffling to watch.

Flipped Across..................Once again another coins across but using two spectators, clean and very easy to do.

Flipped Out.....................Show your hands empty, produce three coins, the coins travel from one hand to the other and then they all vanish. For this very clean and magical sequence you will need also need an expanded shell. Now if you use two of the most powerful gimmicks in coin magic you won't need me to tell you the stunning results, Craig has come up with a very commercial workable routine where most of the work is done for you. What are you waiting for!!

Full House Assembly...........................Craig has combined a coin assembly with a coin that finds the selected card plot (Tosheroon), but Craig has also added a terrific "kicker" ending which will definitely catch them off guard. The use of a flipper coin in a Matrix type routine really does simplify the vanishes.

Coincussed.........................Imagine being able to do David Roth's excellent Hanging Coins but without having to do the edge grip or having to worry about your angles etc, Craig has come up with the perfect solution, by using the flipper coin he has eliminated the edge grip and angle problems and this routine is great for the strolling magician.

Flesh Pockets......................How would you like to do a 4 coins through yours and a spectators hand which is not only visually stunning but also easy to do. Craig has come up with an excellent presentation for this and the last coin passes through the back of a spectators hand into another spectators hand, this really does look like real magic.

If you own a flipper coin then you need this DVD, if you don't own a flipper coin then this DVD will change that. Craig is an extremely slick and talented coin worker and the amount of thinking which has gone into his routines just goes to show that he really thinks about his craft. Every effect on this DVD and on the Attack of the Bag DVD can be used in the real world. I know this may sound like that old cliché but every routine on these DVD's are worth much more than the asking price.

Thank you Craig for sharing your brilliant thinking and routines with us and also a special thank you for World Magic Shop for selling these superb DVD's at a very reasonable price.

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© Gary Jones AIMC, February 2008.