Daryl does the Full Monte!

Daryl - L&L Publishing

Reviewed by Kevin Gallagher

Daryl is one of my absolute heroes of magic. Aside from being a world class technician, performer and entertainer, he is a first class teacher and many of his previous tapes are among the best I own. His most recent tape 'Daryl does the Full Monte!', is a complete treatise of the three card monte. If you would suspect from what I have already said that this tape is good, you'd be wrong, it is superb!

It covers every aspect of this card classic which should be in every card magician's repertoire. In my own case, I have a gambling booth for corporate entertainment and have for many years featured the monte having made an extensive study of it. Even still, I gained a number of very worthwhile tips from this tape.

If I run through the sections of the tape, which runs for a full two and a half hours with no padding, you will hopefully get a feel for the depth of cover. Working Surfaces, Cards to Use, Card Preparation, The Mix, The Throw, Turnover Moves, Miscellaneous Moves, The Glide, Vernon Optical Move, Other Routines, Hooks, Special Sets

Most of these are self-explanatory but excellently and extensively covered. Even 'The Throw', which is after all, pretty fundamental, contains ideas I have never come across before. The section of the tape that had the greatest interest for me was 'Hooks and Come-on' and contains a clear look at many of the rouses such as the bent corner, paperclip, torn card, stamp together with a few new ideas alone worth the cost of the tape for me.

The final section includes a number of complete variation routines, one of which I will certainly be featuring in a few weeks time. As a treat, there are two live performances by Daryl of two of the more famous routines. If you are interested in performing the 'Three Card Monte', this is an excellent tape and I cannot recommend it highly enough.



Kevin Gallagher September 2002


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