The Dynamic Walkaround Magic Video (PAL VHS)

Featuring Anthony Owen & Paul Andrews

Reviewed by Mandy Davis

I bought this video and discovered I had an investment rather than a purchase.

I was booked, for a very large sum of money, to perform at a mix and mingle reception. As a fairly new magician, who had only done restaurant and dinner table work, I was not familiar with the walkaround concept so decided to get some help. This video gave me everything I needed to know.

The video, featuring Anthony Owen and Paul Andrews, is filmed at a club where a drinks party is taking place. The opening and closing sequences, as the guys arrive and leave, are filmed in black and white (check out the famous doorman) but the rest is in colour.

Eight tricks are shown, the pair working alternately, plus a performance of Anthonyís Ambitious Card Routine. However, for me, the value comes from the middle section which shows Paul and Anthony chatting about the difficulties of this type of work. Between them, they cover everything - from approaching a group to asking for a response or help from people holding glasses and food. Paul and Anthony have different ways of breaking the ice and discuss their methods fully. They talk about the amount of material you might need to have on hand and even reveal the lines they use in various situations. Everything you ever need to ask is there and it is worth watching regularly to keep their ideas alive in your mind before you go out on a booking.

And then there are the tricks. I seldom learn from books or videos as I donít have the patience Ė but I took one routine from here as soon as I saw it. It now forms part of my regular material and, even when Iím not working, I am ready to perform it anywhere and at any time.

There are several card effects. Palmprint has a chosen card found and reinforced in an unusual way whilst Brainwash is the revelation of a named card and has a kicker ending. The Birthday Deck is fun and doesnít use playing cards in a regular way and Anthonyís acclaimed Oil and Water routine is also featured. (This routine was the basis for the one that Alistair Cook performed on series one of Monkey Magic and is a feature of Nicholas Einhornís performing repertoire.) There are also tricks with lit matches and packets of sweeteners and routines such as Pencil Through Coin and Coins Across.

All are well explained in the last section of the video. All are easy to do. One or two need the added purchase of a special substance but, as this is readily available at a reasonable price on this web site, there is no problem.

To sum up - this video is well worth adding to your library if you are either a working magician or an enthusiastic amateur who likes to perform at friendsí parties or at the pub. The tricks can be mind-blowing if performed in the right way and the advice given is invaluable.

The Dynamic Walkaround Video is available priced £20 (postage and packing free) from the Magicians Only area of


© Mandy Davis, December 2004