Jack Carpenter Video Volume 2 Gambling (PAL VHS)

A1 Multimedia

Reviewed by Kevin Gallager


"Have you heard of Jack Carpenter?," I was asked by a friend in magic. I confessed that I hadn't and so it was with interest that I sat down to watch this recommended video tape. I am both grateful for the introduction and glad that I invested the time. This is not a great tape from the 'it will greatly entertain you' point of view but it features some excellent material.


It is entirely playing cards with a heavy bias towards gambling routines and there is nothing on the tape that could be classed as self-working. He does refer to one item as virtually self-working but this employs a riffle stack set-up and requires you to deal ten straight seconds, to give you some idea! Most of the work involves riffle shuffling and stacking but some of the work is genuinely groundbreaking, not just the same old stuff repackaged or obligatory 'new' idea on the Zarrow as is too often the case. Of particular note is a superb Royal Flush revelation.


I am always pleased when a desired tape comes from Mike Maxwell's stable because they are always good quality, well produced, good value tapes. I bought this at the same time as the first volume of the new Martin Nash tapes and it is easily on par - and Martin is one of my all time heroes. I happily recommended it to dedicated cardmen.

Kevin Gallager July 2000