McBride Magic on Stage Volumes 1, 2 & 3 (PAL VHS)

Jeff McBride - L&L Publishing

Total running time over six hours

Reviewed by Duncan Trillo/MagicWeek

Volume 1 - The Commando Act

Volume 2 - Exotic Mysteries

Volume 3 - Classics of Magic


Jeff McBride is one of magic's true showmen. From his original mask act through to his current full stage shows he has literally dazzled audiences all over the world. These tapes will be welcomed by any magician considering, or currently performing, stage and cabaret magic. The first tape talks about the "Commando" act, an act that is always ready to perform under virtually any conditions. There's lots of magic here: Ropes, Canes, Rings, Silks, but it is really the advice in-between the tricks that is of greatest value. The second tape looks at The Snowstorm in China, Egg on Fan, Silk Magic, Apparatus Magic, Flower Magic, and lots more, again it's the "chat," as opposed to the tricks, that makes these tapes so worthwhile as a learning tool. Tape three features some classics of magic: the Dancing Cane and Zombie Ball, more magic, and a number of clips taken from his live shows.


There aren't many magic videos that I can watch without being bored ridged to be frank. Over a couple of evenings I sat through over six hours with McBride and thoroughly enjoyed it! If you are considering a stage act then I would definitely recommend these tapes. As with his excellent Card Manipulation series, these tapes will encourage and inspire you to create your own magic.


A solid recommendation.



Duncan Trillo December 2000