Off The Cuff (PAL VHS)

Greg Wilson

Reviewed by Kevin Gallagher

Regarding the 'Pocket Power', video by Jarle Leirpoll which bears the slogan "turn your pockets into lethal weapons", I reviewed it as being another okay trick tape that missed the mark on what it professed to be aiming for. I said pretty much the same thing to a friend in magic and he asked me whether I had seen the Off the Cuff video by Greg Wilson (American) since there were some good pocket use ideas on it. He promptly went on to show me something from the tape that he had been working on fooled me completely. After he had recovered from my kneeing him in the groin, he promised to spill the beans. The move involved using the fingers of one hand being briefly positioned in the trouser pocket under strong misdirection to act as an impromptu toppit.

I am usually slightly sceptical about buying impromptu magic tapes because I find that the items are generally well known, fairly lightweight in effect and use 'everyday' items which suggest that perhaps there are many things lacking in my 'everyday' life like borrowed sponge balls and Himber rings. Not so with this tape which plays for a good ninety minutes. Greg has a very nice way with him, the items are good and workable, many of the ideas are fresh and I am very happy with the purchase.

Greg has a general deportment that lends itself to quick fast moving items so some of the items won't be right for everyone as with our own Joe Riding but I would definitely have this one down as a 'hit'.


Kevin Gallagher December 2000