Pocket Power

Jarle Leirpoll

Reviewed by Kevin Gallagher

The tape bears the slogan "Turn your pockets into lethal weapons." I generally prefer tapes or books that contain utilities and moves very much more than ready-to-go routines and so I awaited the tape with much interest.

I had built up a mental picture of someone performing with two different coloured objects explaining the psychology, thinking and misdirection's of a number of steals, ditches and switches using different pockets. Sad to say, it widely missed the mark. A number of tricks are explained, some of which hardly even use the pockets except to dump something in finger palm as something else is brought out.

Even the trick that some had enthused about, "Water in Newspaper/torn and restored" which used no bladder left me thinking that I would rather use a bladder. The pocket power? The torn and restored was pure Gene Anderson to me and the loose bits are stuffed into a toppit behind the restored Newspaper as it is displayed.

In actual fact, the tape is not bad. The content is fairly good, the quality is excellent being produced professionally for the video and reproduced to broadcast quality and if I had not been built up my expectations so much, I would have been well pleased with it.

Effects also included are a no gimmick bill switch, tissue paper to egg , coke can from shoe and yes, you guessed it, Vernon's travellers the only differences being a Kurtz subtlety on the third card and the last card is produced from your shoe. To me I am afraid, it represents a chance missed.


Kevin Gallagher, December 2000