Visit by the Association of Conjurers of East Sussex (ACES) to the Portsmouth & District Magic Circle (PDMC)

November 2009

Reported by Rod Newman MMC

On a very cold wintry evening members of ACES travelled from their warm homes in East Sussex to entertain the members of the PDMC. This was a reciprocal arrangement following a visit to their club by members of the PDMC earlier in the year. The whole concept being to rejuvenate friendships and sharing of our magical art among other clubs.

Following a welcome from our President Harold Straker the evening got off to a flying start under the direction of their Master of Ceremonies for the evening Dave Pattenden. Resplendent in a natty waistcoat he kept us amused with anecdotes, jokes as well as some entertaining magic of his own. Introducing the acts in the following order it was immediately obvious of the immense pride he took in his job and of the acts that were to follow.

First up was David Croucher AKA Norman dressed in a purposely short brown suit, orange gloves, socks and hat he delighted us with a brilliant mime act, some juggling, multiplying bananas and some sheer genius presentation. This is a street entertainer to watch out for and if you see him stop and watch not forgetting of course to bung a pound or five in his hat!

Next was a more traditional magician, introduced as a gentleman of magic Stan Reynolds performed a good cut and restored rope routine then perhaps the most difficult effect of all getting our Treasurer to part with his credit card! After a series of moves the card including a telephone conversation on a mobile phone the card appeared inside a wallet.

Winding up the first half was something really different, ACES member Colin Inns demonstrated Algebraic Topography. This was particularly interesting for those of us that are interested in business presentations because it was structured around team work, management and presentations. I think Colin was the bravest of all the performers because he asked Ken Best and Timmy Taylor up on stage simultaneously; and for those who do not know when Ken and Timmy are involved effects have a habit of going wrong! But not this time.

After a short break, Dave introduced us to Geoff Hunt and a manipulation act. A huge salt production, silk production then egg production has us all amazed thinking he could do no more when suddenly the egg we had been watching him stuff silks into (or so we thought) turned out to be a real one complete with innards! Winding up with a card manipulation routine Geoff showed that traditional skills are not lacking in East Sussex.

The penultimate act of the evening was a series of card routines by Mike Elvin who despite struggling with a strained voice performed a several routines including what else but a 4 ACE routine.

Finishing the evening was a comedy act from the President of the ACES Martin Lewis who told us all about Psychometrics. While I was still working out what that meant he had me up on stage and after noting its serial number parting with a Tenner! What followed was a series of quick fire routines none of which located my missing Tenner! Sensing my reluctance to leave the stage without it he finally had me shuffling a pile of raw sausages; which he assured me were normal and not svengali sausages; much to the amusement of the assembled masses. I randomly chose a sausage from the shuffled pack and lo and behold inside was my tenner!

All in all a great evening was had by all, new friendships made and old ones rejuvenated. I truly hope that this club continues to grow from strength to strength because they have some truly remarkable members with remarkable talent. 


Rod Newman, November 2009