Leamington & Warwick Magic Society Annual Dinner
8th November 2013

Reported by Elizabeth Warlock

The Leamington & Warwick Magic Society can always be relied on to stage a memorable dinner, and the one held on Friday November 8 at the Honily Court Hotel, near Leamington was no exception.

Some 100 members and guests enjoyed a four course meal, a raffle and close-up magic around the tables by ten members that included Archie McTeer, Stephen Buxton, Mark Traversoni and Elizabeth Rogan, and as an added bonus Craig Petty who with just a borrowed deck of cards performed some skilful and baffling effects.

There were awards too presented by President Paul Kybert, such as the Frank Allen Trophy for Close-Up to David Michaels; Stage Magic Trophy to Mel Harvey; the Champion of Champions Close-up to Craig Petty and the Presidentís Award to Mick McCreath for his tremendous contribution to the Society. The Young Magician Member of the Year Award went to the talented Elizabeth Rogan who earlier in the year had taken third place in The Magic Circle Young Magician of the Year.

The cabaret emceed by Terry Herbert was varied and included Lee Thompson from Cirque du Soleil who in addition to pickpocketing for which he is known, gave us a version of Bill in Lemon using an apple, a cod mental item and Cups and Balls.

Terry Herbert presented his well known act with the Watch in Nest of Boxes, a borrowed note revealed in an uncooked sausage selected from a packet of sausages by a spectator, and the cut and restored handkerchief borrowed from a member of the audience. To close the beautifully attired Scott Penrose showed what a master he is of his art by presenting a classic act where we saw dove productions, card fans, diminishing cards, the Card Sword, a great Linking Ring routine with the assistance of a dove, silks to cape and finally the vanish of the dove cage with the production of a large white rabbit.

So ended another Leamington dinner, and our thanks go to Mick McCreath for making it all happen and to Stephen Buxton for his assistance in the organisation of it.


© Elizabeth Warlock, November 2013




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