Northern Magic Circle Presidentís Dinner 2016
28th October 2016
Reviewed by Ray Roberts

Friday 28th October 2016 saw a good number of Northern Magic Circle members, guests and friends meet at the Kingís Head Hotel in Richmond North Yorkshire to support Robert Temple and Emma Ward in celebration of their NMC Presidency.

Toastmaster John Pye started proceedings at eight oíclock by ushering all present into the dining room which was decked out in splendid fashion with top hat centre decorations on each table. John introduced Robert Temple and Emma Ward together with their honoured guestsí the I.B.M. British Ring 25 Clive Moore and his lady Jeani, followed by the British Ring Chaplain Alan J Clarke who gave grace.

During an excellent meal, there was an abundance of laughter, flashes, banging and spontaneous applause all caused by the presence of Fay Presto who entertained at each table throughout the meal. She also received a tremendous round of applause as she left the room. Either John Pye or Robert appears to have a drink problem as we were asked to take wine with the President on many occasions.

After the meal John called upon Clive to make the toast to the Northern Magic Circle which he did in the way only Clive can do - with humour. He was especially pertinent in his observations that many NMC members are also members of the I.B.M. British Ring including himself, John Pye, John Russell and Alan J Clarke who are all officers of the Ring.

Robert replied to Clive and proposed a toast to visitors and guests with a very emotional speech especially when referring to Cynthia Neptune who had been so instrumental in his early days in magic. Cynthia was a past president of the NMC and the British Ring. A donation had been made to Marie Curie Cancer Care in lieu of favours and all those attending the dinner hugely approved of the gesture. Robert also acknowledged the fact that he could have not arranged the dinner without the help of his family and friends.

The response on behalf of the Guests and visitors was in the capable hands of the President of Middlesbrough Circle of Magicians, Nimmo Clarke. Following the speeches Joan Woolhouse and Rose Crawford sold tickets for a raffle which raised £146 for the benevolent fund.

After a short time to socialise with fellow guest and friends it was time for the cabaret. Clive Moore introduced himself as compere and launched into a plethora of one linerís as only Clive can tell them, interspersed with a vanishing ring routine which was found on a miniature samurai sword after a lot of byplay with the lady assistant who had loaned him the ring. A version of a card named Fred, he concluded his act with Chinese sticks and spotted can to Roy Johnsonís rhyming patter.

Jon Marshall was next and wasted no time in performing his signature trick a Flea called Fred. Then, he invited a lady and gent on stage to perform an escape from a Siberian chain coupled with a version of Keys to Baldpate all wrapped around a Victorian melodrama. This was followed by John asking four men onto the stage to perform a version of Ali Bongos second spot using four envelopes. Realising that the last envelope was an anticlimax, Jon introduced a fifth envelope and shuffled them asking the last man to select which envelope he considered to be his object and guess what? He picked the right one or did he because when Jonís envelope was opened it contained sixty pounds! Jon concluded his act with his version of multiplying bottles to rousing applause.

Robert closed the night by thanking everyone who had attended and anyone who had helped in any way to make it a night to remember.

© Ray Roberts, November 2016