The Magic Management Master Class

20th April 2002
Reviewed by a member of the YMC

The Young Magicians Club, The Magic Circle's youth initiative, runs workshops for its members almost every month and this month we were privileged to have Magic Management take over The Centre for the Magic Arts in London for a day.

As we arrived, a timetable and details of each speaker were thoughtfully provided and then up to the Devant Room for a formal welcome followed by the first item from John Woolvett whose lecture, "Life Is Magic", showed how magic should be made a part of your life, though not all of it! John explained the importance of other interests to give our magic that necessary extra dimension. He also explained how magic skills could be applied to "normal" life. He gave us 25 minutes packed full of great tips on performance and its details - all those little things that push magic up to the next level.

Marc Paul, the "Worlds Greatest Mind Reader" showed us the first trick of the day, with a seemingly impossible effect divining five cards, selected by five spectators from a very mixed deck. After explaining this, he showed us an apparently impossible prediction effect, where he correctly revealed a letter and a number chosen by two spectators. I cannot stress the impact these effects had on me and others in the audience. The methods were deceptively simple and the results I have since had, performing the first effect are incredible.

One o'clock brought lunch, with close-up magic and questions hosted by Paul Andrews and Anthony Owen. This was great; people had a chance to show off new effects and ideas. Members were able to chat and 'session' with any or all of the lecturers. I watched Guy Hollingworth effortlessly demonstrate various card techniques which I will talk about later.

After lunch, expert pickpocket James Freedman (top photo) discussed "Opportunity Magic" in a lecture which covered a wide range of subjects including David Devant, The Magic Circle Library and an amusing story about a party in Piccadilly and a cheque book! James's talk was mainly about how to take advantage of everything you and your spectator may do, and perhaps turn it into an impossible trick. He also showed us his very clever trick called Peek-A-Both, where a spectator finds his thought of card by spelling to it.

Next, Guy Hollingworth showed us his brilliant version of Twisting The Aces (with kings!), and then how to simplify this effect and add a kicker ending using his Quartet card. Everyone was given the necessary special card as a present. After this, he taught us some more advanced card skills whilst some less advanced members left to take advantage of a separate workshop on coin magic. Amongst other things, Guy showed us his handling of the Elmsley Count, the Bottom Deal, Second Deal, Middle Deal and the Pass. These techniques were very well explained and I think everyone gained something from this - I definitely did. To round it off, Guy demonstrated his world-famous Reformation which, even if you know the method, is absolutely incredible.

To finish off the day, Paul Andrews hosted a useful Question and Answer Session and then brought proceedings to a close.

Throughout the day, each lecturer had provided free notes and handouts produced specially for the event and as we left we were also each presented with a number of magic magazines and a souvenir certificate signed by the Magic Management team.

I'm sure everyone will agree it was a fantastic day, and that we all got a huge amount out of it. So what can I say but thank you to Magic Management for an absolutely outstanding workshop.