Making Magic Pay
A Seminar by
Unique Magic Events

18th October 2004
Reviewed by Mandy Davis

Wow! I mean wow! At the end of a long but enjoyable day I defy anyone to have left the ‘Making Magic Pay’ seminar without being totally inspired to go out and promote themselves, get more work and earn more money.

Paul Stone organised an excellent seminar and twenty-eight delegates attended, including some from Ireland and the US. It took place in the glorious city of Bath, in luxurious country hotel surroundings – but there was hardly any time to appreciate the venue. We were too busy listening to the speakers and then discussing it all. I do remember, at some point, an excellent hot and cold buffet lunch though!

Paul himself started the day with some advice on being professional and dealing with clients before handing over to Phil Jay. Phil has an extensive background in trade shows, an area where there appears to be inexhaustible opportunities. He told us exactly how to get work at trade shows and also how to perform on the stands and interact with both clients and delegates. This was very comprehensive and invaluable information but, he warned us, to do trade shows you need stamina!

Jonathan Jay, taking time off from his latest TV re-location programme, talked to us about selling ourselves and appreciating our worth. He feels that magicians undervalue their craft and can achieve far greater fees and prestige. He spent two hours telling us how to achieve these and, for me, his contribution to the day was the most inspiring of all. However each speaker gave a different focus and each delegate took away a different message depending on their own circumstances and outlook.

The final speaker was Paul Zenon who chatted about performing corporate stand up and the best ways to present this. He showed us a ten minute video of his work which was interesting and fun – although he hid outside the room until it was over! He talked about sound equipment and stated, categorically, that every magician should be able to do a stand up spot as well as close up.

In summing up, Phil Jay advised us to ‘get your act right’ and to pause before leaving each table at a function; Jonathan Jay told us to ‘never ever ever give up’ and Paul Zenon wanted us to take on board our overall image.

These final bits of advice were small fry compared to the oceans of information, ideas, plans and suggestions we had been handed throughout the day. In fact, this seminar is a must for any professional magician.

© Mandy Davis, November 2004.