Mark Leveridge Magic - Dealer Night
22nd June 2009, Birmingham
Reported by Craig Petty

I should start off by saying I am a huge fan of Mark Leveridge products. There are very few dealers who only sell material they have created themselves but Mark is one of those dealers. He was been very innovative with events in the past have created and run The Close Up Symposia and The Commercial Close Up Forums. It was for this reason that I was very interested in hearing that Mark had started up a concept called ‘Dealer Nights’.

The idea behind these nights is quite different compared to anything I have seen before. Basically Mark hosts an entire evening of magic. Throughout the evening Mark presents a mini lecture of unpublished material that has never been seen before. He also does a dealer demo of some of the latest material that he has released this year. In addition to all this Mark is perfectly happy to show you anything from his range or anything Magicseen has produced.

The items Mark lectured on were excellent. The first item he showed us was an excellent way to give out your business card. Following this he performed a couple of brand new ring and string moves. I have always been a big fan of Mark’s ring and string routine and these new moves were very well thought out. Finally he performed a card routine, which fooled the whole room and more importantly was very easy to do.

All of Mark’s magic is commercial and different. Each of his products has a difficulty rating showing exactly how much effort is required to perform the routine. He has developed kids magic, close up and stand up pieces over the years and each item has that Leveridge touch.

The night is set up to be very informal and relaxed. All the attendees get a chance to chat and browse and more importantly ask Mark questions about anything they wish. This alone is something that would not be possible at a convention or a club lecture. I also got a chance to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.

The best part of the Dealer Night is the price. At a traditional club lecture you may have to pay around £10 to see a lecture and then afterwards if there are products for sale these are full priced. Mark charges £10 for the evening but as part of the price you get a £20 gift voucher to spend on anything you want. This means that in effect Mark is paying you £10 to come to his Dealer Night. In addition to this everything in his range is heavily discounted including Magicseen products. I honestly cannot think of a better deal in magic.

If Mark announces one of these events close to you I highly recommend you go. You will save a fortune on new magic, learn some wonderful routines and more importantly have a great night that is different to anything else out there.

© Craig Petty, June 2009