School of Busking
19th - 21st June 2009
Reported by Adrian Wright

If you are serious about busking, then this is a serious busking course, organised by one of the most experienced street entertainers Mario Morris and his partner Veronica Conway. The guest lecturer being the most popular and well known name in street performing, Gazzo.

On this course both Gazzo and Mario bared all. Their honesty and openness was refreshing, two professionals prepared to break down, analyze and explain the reasons behind every aspect of their personal routines. I think all the students were made to feel we were going to be part of a special event.

From the first morning, we were spoken to and dealt with as equals, a feeling of mutual respect developed and was maintained throughout the three days. We wanted to learn about street performing and they wanted to teach us everything they could to encourage, inspire and help us to reach whatever level we were happy, and able to go to.

Personally, after the morning lecture on the first day from Gazzo, detailing how he gathered and managed a crowd and then turned them into an audience, I realised I was going to learn more than I had anticipated.

This man's thoughts and theories behind his performances confirm why he deserves the reputation of being one of the best street entertainers in the world. This was not a cups and balls teach-in, this was a full expose of street performing. His input throughout the course was nothing but honest, forthright and always constructive.

The weekend built towards an optional live street performance in Cardiff town centre. It was a real test of nerve and courage for the students, not only because we had to gather and perform for real audiences, but we were exposing ourselves to our peers and biggest critics.

After the high of trying to entertain on the street, inevitably we were brought down to earth by the ever honest reviews which brought about more highs and lows, but who better to hear these comments from than two people with years of experience and knowledge from performing all over the world.

If you are considering performing on the street or have experience and want to perfect or pick up tips and hints from the best, the school will educate, polish and direct you, I think it did all of this for me.

Above all this was a fun weekend with great people and a great atmosphere, thanks to Mario and Veronica for all the behind the scenes organisation and hosting the event with Gazzo.

Adrian Wright, July 2009.