Close-up Success Seminar

January 6th, 2008

Landmark Hotel, London

Having received so much in the comprehensive 600+ page course already, I was interested to know what would be covered in the seminar. In fact one attendee said to me on the day "what else have they got left to say!"

However my expectations were totally exceeded, which is what I have come to expect from Chris and Phil. The day took place at the epic Landmark hotel which is one of the finest hotels in the country, and featured some special guests who shared invaluable information from complementary industries, that had fantastic applications for magicians.

The day was packed with content. As well as fascinating, eye opening, keynote speeches from Phil and Chris, there were hands-on workshops, breakout sessions, networking opportunities, live attendee performances with feedback, guest speakers and more.


I left with my head literally spinning with information, strategies and new ideas that I had thought of as a result of the day. I guess for me that has been one of the best things about the course; incredible information has been given away, but more importantly it has made me think in a different way, being around Phil and Chris has stimulated me to think big, think outside the box and think "success".

The one-day seminar was easily worth 3 times the price of the course, and was only a small part of the personal support, course PDFs, online workshops, DVDs and more that made up the course. When I think about how much I paid for the entire course it actually makes me laugh... not only have I made back at least 20 times what I paid, but it has changed my entire outlook on magic and the industry in a positive way and has opened my eyes to so much.

To sum up, the next thing Chris and Phil put on the market I will buy first and ask the price second!


Daniel Alexander, 11th January 2008