The Adrian Sullivan Lecture

Anglian Magic Society

20th January 2015
Reviewed by Steve Majes

Originally from Egypt Adrian had travelled from Manchester to be with us on this evening and he brought with him a big display or props and items for sale; this immediately caught our members attention as they arrived. Adrian's philosophy is to keep the magic as simple as possible so you can concentrate on having fun and entertaining your audience. This shone through in Adrian's presentations for the evening as he went through a variety of effects and subtleties answering any questions and taking time to make everything very clear, so clear, that he had many members up and performing effects straight away. Also Adrian gave out lecture notes after each effect with all the details on, this was very generous and a great touch; members could watch and enjoy the evening without having the confusion of translating their own scribbles when they got home.

There was plenty for everyone in the lecture with creative twists on the linking ropes and a nod to Dean's Box, a visual rope through body, a hilarious story while dealing from a shuffled deck called The Story of Diamond Jack, a deceptive prediction where a freely selected card from an envelope has its name predicted on the back of the envelope, and "Is the lady coming or going" - a gag card (you had to be there for that one!). Adrian explained the method behind his 1 shop sand frame effect which had no sand, the forensic experiment where a retina captured photo develops magically, the simplest magic square you will ever see, a lie detector card trick that works itself, and a three card trick that had our member Olly Day amazing himself as just with a few seconds explanation Olly was up and running with this one. Adrian finished on a fantastic shuffled deck revelation from behind your back and a brilliant full deck false shuffle adapted from a Lennart Green creation.

After these effects Adrian did a short dealer demonstration of some of the many items he had brought along, there were some great little effects that ranged from 3.00 upwards; so something there to suit everyone's budget.

It really was a great evening and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Adrian was so gracious and welcoming that I would have no hesitation in recommending him to come back for another lecture in the future.

Steve Majes, February 2015