Andrew Dean’s Lecture
Coventry Magic Circle

22nd March 2022
Reviewed by William Poliet MMC

After having heard Andrew’s interview on Craig Petty’s YouTube channel where he was saying that he would like to start doing lectures for magic clubs, I contacted Andy to arrange a date for him to come at Coventry Magic Circle (CMC).

Andy’s lecture was a variety of cards, coins, fun and last but not least pickpocketing (watches and ties). The lecture is worth it for the pickpocketing part alone. He shared so much knowledge and tips for the different types of watches and seeing him pickpocket a tie live was a treat!

On behalf of CMC, I would definitely recommend Andrew’s lecture to any magic clubs. And stay tuned as a big release is coming soon.

© William Poliet MMC, Public Relation Officer Coventry Magic Circle, April 2022