Andrew Paul Smith lecture

The Surrey Society of Magicians
9th November 2023
Reviewed by Chris Wardle

This was an excellent evening filled with practical, workable material and valuable advice. There was a genuine mix of effects (not all card tricks, as many lectures seem to be!) and each item, whether it be on the theme of cards, coins, mentalism or dice, had a clear, thought-through structure and was cleverly routined.


Many magicians either talk about theory or do tricks, but few include both - and make them meaningful and relevant, as Andrew did, with meticulous referencing and crediting of appropriate sources throughout. As the manager of Alakazam Magic for nearly 10 years, Andrew has obviously learnt many valuable tips and has a wide breadth of magical knowledge. There were also some comedy sight gags included in the lecture.


Afterwards there were some items for sale, but this was no dealer dem, it was a full and engaging lecture where everyone could take away some great effects, useful tips and food for thought.


Chris Wardle, November 2023