Bathtime with the Masters
by Mandy Davis

Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger, triumphant from their Cornwall show and three-day Masterclass, arrived in Bath to act as tourists but to also give a lecture hosted by the Bath Magic Society.

On the evening of their arrival they were eager and willing participants in the Bizarre Walk - an ingenious piece of entertainment originated and presented by Noel Britten and JJ. This is a must for everyone, magician or not, who visits the city between April and September. It is a world-renowned theatrical experience which has now been running for over fifteen years. Jeff and Eugene enjoyed it immensely!

The next day, the Masters were up very early to experience sunrise at Stonehenge - another lifelong ambition; then it was back to wander around the famous Roman baths and to drink the waters - Jeff wasn't enamoured by the sulphuric taste!

Finally there was the presentation, at the Bath Magic Society venue, of the first ever Burger/McBride joint lecture to a magic club - a truly memorable evening with a record crowd for the club. The event was informative, as well as informal, with much to be learned in terms of tricks, performance and philosophy. One such gem, that should be engraved on every performer's heart, is that the audience never believes that the magic is as important as the magician believes it to be!

Eugene Burger and Jeff McBride hope to be back next year to run some more of their brilliant Masterclasses - and who knows, maybe another lecture!

Mandy Davis, April 2006