Boris Wild at the House of Magic UK
Reviewed by Dr Phil Cox
23rd October 2008

Boris Wild’s reputation goes before him somewhat – FISM winner, France’s greatest magician performs on five continents etc etc. So a chance to catch his short UK tour at the House of Magic (Stourbridge was not to be missed. It was also nice to see that Boris more than lived up to his reputation and then surpassed it.

The evening was held at reasonably short notice after John Milner – owner of The House of Magic - had managed to secure the booking only the week before. As he admitted on the night, he felt slightly daunted at the task of selling all the tickets within a week. He need not have worried tickets flew out of the shop and people had evidently travelled some distance to catch the lecture. On the night the House of Magic was packed to the rafters, although a small venue the room managed to hold about 35 audience members. Due to the recent refurbishment and extension to the shop this number had enlarged from previous lectures, Ali Bongo and Charles Gaucci having easily filled the smaller venue. But this did not detract from the cosy feel that the shop provides, a feel that is perfectly suited to close up demonstrations- such as with some of Boris’s effects.

Boris’s lecturing style is charming, his delivery disarming and his material of the highest quality. An early statement in the proceedings was that the whole lecture was going to deal solely with cards and nothing else, the sense of slight regret from some of the audience was obvious. But how wrong we were to expect only packet tricks and complicated slights. Within the space of about two hours, Boris covered card tricks, some great utility slights, full routines, mental effects, acts suitable for close up and other useable for the stage. Of particular interest were his thoughts his thoughts on crowd psychology, trick development and his personal takes on performance. At every point during the lecture and during the explanations he would clearly explain his motivations for the patter used and the bits of business he employs to carry a trick off. Although cards were the chosen medium this was merely a vehicle to demonstrate some powerful effects and methods of working as the superb lecture covered all areas of magic and performance and demonstrated an unswerving dedication to presenting effects and tricks that enchant the magician but would amaze the lay audience.

None of the effects or slights could be described as solely “magic for magicians”; all the effects were real world workers that could easily fit into the repertoire of many working professionals; and this was topped off by the style and grace with which Boris delivered his material. Whether it was with a smile or Gallic shrug, the effects were enhanced by the performance as this communicated the spirit of the magic, just as his clear demonstrations showed the mechanics.

All in all, Boris delivered a fantastic lecture and provided a night that will be long remembered mainly because Boris is a class act! and if you get chance to see him perform or lecture a number of people in Stourbridge recommend you take the chance as you won’t be disappointed.

© Dr. Phil Cox, October 2008