Brian Watson Lecture
Hull Magicians' Circle
October 2015
Reported by Ray Burrell

Brian Watson has become synonymous with Cups and Balls and clever mentalism, and it was a privilege to have him as our first lecturer of our 2015-16 season at Hull Magicians' Circle. Brian had everyone at ease with his style and he started his lecture with an emotional hook to his childhood, leading into his reputation making cups and balls routine which saw plenty of cleverly executed techniques and sleight of hand to allow the cups and balls routine to be seen in a way not done so before. The clever routining had built-in misdirection and I won't spoil the finale by revealing what the final loads are (you'll have to book him and see) but they brought the story full circle. His enthusiasm shone through when performing and this was then followed by an in-depth tutorial of the psychology and techniques seen in the performance including his original cups and balls moves.

Brian is a very nice down to earth gentleman, and he was more than happy to go over and discuss elements of his routine during the interval with our members.

During the interval Brian had his lecture notes, DVDs and other items original to him for sale, some of which are endorsed by Jeff McBride.

After the interval, Brian showed us some of his other effects he has performed professionally throughout the years, which included a mixture of cards and mentalism and a very clever impromptu haunted deck routine.

There was much audience participation and humour throughout to make for some very entertaining mentalism routines based on new and clever methods not often seen, including an interactive game of "Who am I?", a variety of entertaining and commercial predictions, and an extremely funny lie detector test.

At the end of the evening our President, Eddie Dawes thanked Brian for his excellent lecture.

If you are looking to book a lecturer with an eclectic mix of routines, then Brian Watson would fit the bill perfectly.

Ray Burrell - Secretary Hull Magicians' Circle, October 2015