Brian Watson Lecture

York Society of Magicians
June 2015
Reviewed by Rex Stott
, President of The York Society of Magicians

On Wednesday June 10 2015 our members were thoroughly entertained and mystified by Brian Watson. To describe it simply as a lecture does it a disservice - it was a shared experience.

In the first half Brian showed his mastery of the Cups and Balls. Brian is an excellent teacher and he went to great lengths to ensure that our members fully understood the subtle nuances of some of his moves. It was a delight to see a working pro at the top of his game.


In the second half he demonstrated his versatility by taking us through seven or eight items including skilful card magic and some stunning mentalism. All these were fully explained in his excellent lecture notes. One item which particularly caught the eye was the set of Mental Logs which he makes himself from fine English pewter and which have recently received a ringing endorsement from Jeff McBride.

This was, by common consent, one of the best evenings we have had for several years. I will long remember the stunned silence when Brian produced the final loads in his Cups and Balls routine. I will not spoil it by giving any clues. You will just have to go and see him for yourself!

Rex Stott, President of The York Society of Magicians, June 2015