Bruce Smith “Show you Something Amazing”

The South London Magic Society
2nd October 2018
Reviewed by Simon Rosselli

Bruce Smith, for those that don’t know, is Marvin’s Magic Demonstration Training Manager and has been entertaining crowds of people at Hamley’s for over 30 years.


Bruce started the lecture by telling us his opening lines and why he uses them and then got us to practice our voice range. He also gave us lots of tips for Speech, Stage Management, Movement and Eye Contact. When he spoke he had everyone in the palm of his hands and you could hear a pin drop. He demonstrated how to bring the magic alive by following D’Lites with his eyes and facial expressions, rather than looking straight ahead and afterwards we had a chance to practice this. He also taught us a Card Linking Routine using three cards, which was very visual and most were able to pick up the basic moves by the end of it. He also showed us his version of Mysterious Steel Ball and Tube.


His passion for the art of magic shone all the way through the lecture and he was very generous with his time afterwards answering people's questions and helping them with various handling techniques – all in all a great night and enjoyed by everyone at the club and would highly recommend him and definitely one of the best club nights we’ve ever had given by a true gentleman.

© Simon Rosselli, October 2018