Carl Royle Lecture: 'How I Feed My Children'
Hull Magicians’ Circle
April 2017
Reviewed by Ray Burrell

It was a privilege to have full time professional magician Carl Royle present his “How I feed my children” lecture at Hull Magicians’ Circle on 31st March.

Carl started his lecture with a true story about performing at a Royal Wedding which hooked all present into his reputation making Gold Cup Con routine. Carl’s enthusiasm and pride in this cleverly choreographed in the hands one cup and ball routine was apparent and his clear explanation showed how accessible this routine is. As this routine is performed entirely in the magician’s hands, no table space is required making this a very practical routine for mix and mingle situations.

Carl went on to show and explain some of his other effects he performs professionally including his entertaining and commercial ambitious card routine, a ring and band routine, and his “Circle of Awesomeness” routine with a very baffling Card to Box ending.

Throughout the lecture, Carl emphasised the psychology and the “How” and “Why” of his routines, and he more than happy to go over and discuss them further during the interval with our members.

His “Childlike” routine to produce a thought of and named card from behind the ear of the spectator packed a punch and the method made this a stand out effect. Carl demonstrated some practical variations on this including having the named card produced folded into quarters from a wallet in his pocket, and in a similar manner producing cards with named animals on them. Such is the versatility of the method.

This was all strong material, and the lecture was entertaining throughout with tried and tested, practical material, without a heavy emphasis on card tricks.

It was apparent that Carl regularly performs all the routines he presented and explained, as they had been honed to perfection through thousands of real world performances and everything looked clean and natural. They could all be performed surrounded, and all had “that moment of magic” with an emphasis on entertainment and impact. The high quality and practicality ensure he gets regular repeat bookings from clients.

His lecture book contains all the material in the lecture, and he also had other items he used for sale, which members were keen to purchase.

I would recommend Carl to any club looking for lecturers and would not hesitate to book him to lecture again.

© Ray Burrell (Secretary of Hull Magicians’ Circle), April 2017