Chris Frostie Frost
The Anglian Magic Society

21st March 2023
Reviewed by Steve Majes

It was great to meet Chris in real life; previously I had only seen him on the various social media platforms. When you meet Chris you instantly feel the passion and energy he has for delivering that feeling of real magic. As soon as he starts talking about ideas for magic and presentations you can see all the lights shine bright behind his eyes, becoming a projector, beaming those imaginations into being. With a few like-minded thinkers, in this audience of magicians, you could almost feel the crackle of imaginative sparks in the air.

Chris paced through a great variety of material, all created for a family audience. It was strong and could easily be tweaked to play to young, old or a mixture of both.

Chris had an entertaining book test with a Wizard of Oz theme. There were some lovely ideas here, it was easy to perform, leaving plenty of thinking room for your presentation. His working on the classic colouring book, bringing the effect out of the “I’ve seen that before” and into a magical routine with a prediction twist, was a great update. There was also a very cost effective magical “build a teddy bear routine”. A Pom Pom stick routine, with pace and a nice build to a finale and Chris showed us how he combined old children’s effects, that didn’t quite work on their own, into a bright and comical combined mash up that really works.

As well as the magic there were great tips on heightening your character and comedy performances with mime and physical exaggerations. And, an audience participation routine with great comedy interactions and byplay using simple props.

Chris finished his lecture with tips on being creative and how to exercise that imagination muscle, along with a preview of a couple of ideas that were “in the works”. And the finale, was a presentation of his comedy ventriloquist routine that was a fun and very entertaining finish to the evening.

Chris delivered a very entertaining, insightful and inspiring lecture. Definitely a magician to keep your eye on.

© Steve Majes MMC, Secretary of The Anglian Magic Society, March 2023