Chris Wardle's online lecture
Hull Magicians Circle and Leeds Magic Circle
26th March 2021
Reviewed by Jon Marshall

Chris Wardle is an award-winning magician, a Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star and the creator of many ideas and tricks which have been marketed and published in magical magazines.


Chris has worked with Geoffrey Durham on ideas for Geoffrey's appearances on 'Countdown'. He's one of those clever magicians who has a knack of spotting everyday items in stationery shops, realising their potential and turning them into a conjuring mystery. He's following in the footsteps of a few others over the years who in previous generations were inspired by products in such shops as Woolworths.


Chris presented over ten tricks and routines, many with variations that could be made up inexpensively. They covered many magical genres including mind reading and predictions, children's magic, card tricks, impromptu tricks and magic using cards. One of Chris's magical passions is magic with maths and Chris showed a novel way of predicting the price of a suit with a twist on an old principle.


It was an excellent lecture much enjoyed by HMC members, our friends from Leeds, and guests, prolific magical author, Ian Adair and James Ward, a collaborator with Chris.

Jon Marshall, March 2021