Chris Wardle MIMC - online lecture
The Pentacle Club and the Scottish Conjurers’ Association
6th July 2021
Reviewed by Nikola Arkane

After meeting and seeing Chris lecture at the British Ring Convention in 2019 I would simply never give up an opportunity to listen to what he has to say. Therefore, when The Pentacle Magic Club booked him to perform an online lecture for their last meeting, I put it in the diary and got a pencil and notebook at the ready because I knew that I was about to be bombarded with loads of clever material.

Chris shared lots of simple ideas crafted into nice commercial routines, some of which are completely mind boggling!

What I love about Chris' lectures is that I get to discover little gems in magic that I otherwise would not necessarily come across. His ideas are well thought through and very adaptable for different audiences both children and adults alike.

© Nikola Arkane, July 2021