The Chris Wood Lecture
Bexley Magic Society
May 2016
Reviewed by John Derris

Chris Wood is a full time pro. and a big man in many ways who through his experience as a former teacher knows the value of simplicity, presentation and visual clarity. His lectures focus on how you can improve your magic by applying performance theory rather than a new sleight. No mean performer himself, he was mentored by Alan Alan and his work shows the theatrical touch of this world performer, as well as a deep and thorough understanding of misdirection.

His first lecture has been presented at over 30 magic clubs throughout the UK and also in Iceland, Belgium and Holland with other European countries due this year. Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive and acclaimed as a master class in misdirection by many of them, including the exacting audience of The Magic Circle.

His approach is to use as case studies classic close-up effects (cards, coins, banknotes etc.) from his professional programme and to illustrate the theory that can be applied to enhance your performance. This is the way he learned from his mentor enabling him to make his own development. This is no pipe dream or academic exercise. Chris has injected his expansive style into his magic and is a magician aware of the immense value of presentation more than a new sleight.

His handling is clean and natural, his manner and presentation are entertaining and his routines really do demonstrate the ingredients that lift magic above the cute and novel. The depth to which he breaks down the routines into principles is exceptional and not often seen. Chris Wood is someone who not only cares and thinks deeply about his magic but he can also articulate it well employing his teacher background. The lecture notes are some of the best I have seen both in content and quality and frankly look more like books than notes.

From all points of view having attended magic lectures for many years, I highly recommend any of the three Chris Wood lectures available. What you will see and learn will last you a lifetime.

John Derris, May 2016