Chris Wood Lecture
South Downs Magicians
May 2024
Reviewed by Paul Sturgess

Chris Wood came to South Downs Magicians last week and provided a captivating lecture to the group. Chris's reputation ensured a good turnout and we were not disappointed. Chris started by telling us his background story and then began the magic set with a simple, but fascinating thumb-tip trick, followed by a detailed instructional on the nuances and psychology of his personal touches.

A simple, yet bewildering, card trick followed, and it was here that Chris began to explain something of the skill that he is renowned for - Misdirection. Two gambling-based card tricks followed, along with Chris' own take on the Color Monte effect. Chris explained his methodology for each in such good detail that you could literally hear a pin drop.

Chris commenced the second half with a coin routine that cemented his reputation for misdirection.

Next, a Ring Flash routine with a borrowed object, based on a John Gordon effect, continued the misdirection theme in Spades. Chris then explained in fascinating detail the various props and how to replicate his effect.

He finished the evening with an Ambitious Aces routine, which he broke down into its component parts for those of us that were too slow to catch his amazing sleights.

Chris's lecture had something for everyone and he supported the lecture with all the necessary notes and video downloads.

Paul Sturgess, May 2024