Christopher Congreave at The Magic Circle
10th March 2008
Reviewed by Jayne

I went to The Magic Circle on Monday to see Chris Congreave’s lecture and thought others might like to hear about it. Chris went through a number of very polished routines that he uses to earn his living. His lecture was peppered with very useful and practical tips for working in the real World and his style was both humorous and relaxed.

Chris opened up with rope treating us to Fibre Optics with a very original ending. He walked us through the routine and explained the Psychology behind some of his one-liners and actions. He then went into an ambitious card routine with a lovely handling of the omni deck to finish. Again Chris explained the Psychology behind various aspects of his routine, which had obviously been very well thought out.

Chris then treated us to his superb 3 fly, with clean displays and instant reset; followed by a visual two card transposition.

He then beautifully performed his marketed effect “Ice Coins” as well as mentioning a diary effect that should be out later this year.

We were also shown Chris’s highly original “Pick Pocket” card effect, which was both quick and effective!

Chris’s lecture was full of hints and tips for the professional performer including his thoughts on approaching a table, accepting tips, as well as the differences between performing at Black-tie Functions compared to Restaurants. It was very obvious from Chris’s lecture and variety of anecdotes that he is a very experienced performer who can most certainly walk the talk and who was willing to share a huge wealth of experience and skill for the benefit of all who attended.

Certainly a lecture to watch, if you have the chance!

© Jayne, March 2008.